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Park East Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ

Our Mission Statement:


Creatively reposition, redevelop or expand vacant or functionally obsolete  properties to create premier retail space for the creation of new jobs to the community.


Several Properties Group invests primarily in neighborhood, convenience and community strip shopping centers., Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and medical facilities. Developments  range from 2,000 SF to 25,000 SF. From time to time, we also invest in other properties such as high quality specialty properties.


Several Properties Group specializes in purchasing older properties in well located areas which lend themselves to redevelopment, rehabilitation or modernization, with room to expand. Our investments are in growth areas or heavily concentrated population centers within two (2) hours of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Joint venture projects with other developers are invited and will be promptly considered. We are prepared to render extensive management, development, leasing and financial assistance in a mutually beneficial manner.  

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