Have a Property For Sale?

Submission Requirements

Properties submitted should have the following comprehensive supporting data to insure an immediate response.



•  Complete description of the property, zoning, area, competition and demographics, plot plans, surveys, current traffic counts. Photographs and aerials are always helpful.

•  Complete rent roll including a detailed description of all the leases: term, options, base and percentage rents, expense reimbursements, etc. When a lease is guaranteed by the parent company, we ask that the parent company be identified, together with credit ratings. If possible submit leases or lease abstracts, history of sales and current volumes, and percentage rents paid.

•  Complete details on all expenses. We carefully analyze each aspect of the cost of operation of the property. Also provide detailed property tax information including copies of assessed valuation and latest tax and utilities bills, when possible.

•  All salient facts on the current physical condition of the property including roof, building systems, parking lot, status of all certificates of occupancy, environmental reports and conditions, etc.

•  Any legal or special title or insurance considerations.

•  Please point out any special problems or opportunities that should be considered.



We are flexible in structuring a transaction and are considerate of the seller’s needs. Our analysis is not predicated on any fixed rate of return. Rather, each property is reviewed on its own individual merits and potential.


Joint venture projects with other developers are invited and will be promptly considered. In addition to our investment, we are prepared to render extensive management, development, and leasing assistance in a mutually beneficial manner.



Submit information to:

Jay Several

Several Properties Group

818 Haddonfield Road

Box 7

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002